Optiant, GlobalReact Partner on Supply Chain Offering

Target manufacturers in CPG, apparel/textiles, pharma with optimization solution to rev up performance

Target manufacturers in CPG, apparel/textiles, pharma with optimization solution to rev up performance

Charlotte, NC — August 2, 2005 — Solution providers GlobalReact and Optiant are teaming up to assist manufacturers in food and beverage, pharmaceuticals, textiles, apparel and other discrete and process industries increase the performance and value of the supply chain.

As partners, Global React will deliver Optiant's PowerChain Suite to manufacturers seeking to improve return on inventory, mitigate the impact of demand fluctuations and achieve operational excellence.

The agreement comes as an increasing number of enterprises are reevaluating the way they manage their global and increasingly complex supply chains, in an attempt to eliminate common inefficiencies that can wreak havoc with top and bottom-line results.

"Manufacturers are learning the hard way that financial and operational success cannot be achieved without an efficient supply chain," said Russ Pierce, president of GlobalReact. "Optiant has developed a consistent track record helping manufacturers turn supply chains into world-class business drivers and we're pleased to bring this ability to our markets."

GlobalReact is a provider of services-centric offerings including business intelligence, enterprise resource planning (ERP), supply chain management and logistics solutions.

"GlobalReact has proven leadership in helping manufacturers leverage technology to solve even the most complicated challenges," said Matthew Menner, Optiant's senior vice president of sales, marketing and alliances. "Together, we'll help customers capture the immense value found in building flexible, highly responsive supply chains."

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