Cephalon Taps OAT Foundation Suite for Item-level Drug Tracking Pilot

Biopharmaceutical company expects RFID Initiative to drive supply chain efficiencies, ensure patient safety

Biopharmaceutical company expects RFID Initiative to drive supply chain efficiencies, ensure patient safety

Waltham, MA — August 9, 2005 — Cephalon Inc., an international biopharmaceutical company, has selected OAT Foundation Suite as the radio frequency identification (RFID) software platform for use in a pilot program for tracking branded pharmaceuticals across the supply chain.

For the pilot, OAT Foundation Suite will deliver visibility of Cephalon's products as they move across owned and outsourced facilities, as well as selected drug wholesaler trading partners. Once the pilot project has proven successful, Cephalon will implement RFID utilizing the OAT Foundation Suite.

Cephalon said it is deploying RFID to gain visibility of goods movement and inventory from manufacturing to retail to reduce shipment-receipt discrepancies with trading partners, and ensure patient safety by tracking products all the way to the end-user.

"Cephalon selected OAT Foundation Suite for this pilot project because it provides a single platform for managing RFID data across our enterprise and tracking goods movement throughout the supply chain," said Randy Bradway, Cephalon vice president of Commercial Operations. "OAT Foundation Suite will enable Cephalon to use RFID to drive supply chain efficiencies while putting in place a platform to support future e-pedigree initiatives driven by regulatory agencies."

OAT added that its Foundation Suite includes such functionality as enterprise data management, for integrating trading partner data and developing an enterprise-level view of RFID-tagged goods movement and inventory; enterprise-level analytics and reporting for measuring product velocity, inventory, shipment receipt verification and track-and-trace; edge data management for managing the ecosystem of RFID hardware devices and capturing and filtering data from readers; and finally item-level tracking, for track-and-trace reporting by individual units.

"We are excited that OAT Foundation Suite has been selected to power Cephalon's initiatives to track drugs across the pharmaceutical supply chain," said Prasad Putta, CEO, OATSystems. "Cephalon is a world-class biopharmaceuticals company with a clear vision to improve supply chain efficiency and increase consumer safety based on the high-resolution visibility of goods movement and inventory delivered by RFID."