American Port Services Increases Supply Chain Efficiency, Visibility

Third-party logistics provider taps AGI for supply chain best practices to help attract new retailers

Third-party logistics provider taps AGI for supply chain best practices to help attract new retailers

Atlanta — August 10, 2005 — American Port Services (APS), a third-party logistics provider located in Savannah, Ga., said it has grown its business by using AGI's supply chain industry best-practices and technology. Once it had implemented a supply chain to meet the demands of the world's largest retailers, APS began signing even more new retail customers.

After deploying new warehouse and yard management packages in early 2003 to manage multiple clients across four million square feet of warehouse space, APS still found itself challenged to improve operational efficiency, expand service offerings and provide visibility beyond the four walls of its distribution centers. The company decided to seek out a strategic partner with retail logistics experience, and after a thorough evaluation selected AGI.

According to George Powers, president of APS, "AGI understands the drivers of our industry, our business, our systems and our retail customers, and their expertise has enabled us to deploy multiple new systems, processes and technologies that offer immediate business benefits to our clients." Powers continued: "A warehouse management system alone was just not enough to address the needs of our large customers, so we turned to AGI to help us build the supply chain we needed to attract major retail players. Their commitment to our success has gone above and beyond our expectations."

After an assessment of existing capabilities against market drivers, AGI worked with APS to identify, define and deploy flexible supply chain processes, software and technology that would set them apart from other logistics providers. The provider optimized warehouse management processes and implementing real-time location system (RTLS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) technology to drive critical retail initiatives.

Not only has APS been able to tightly integrate all of the its solutions together into a single, scalable supply chain strategy, but it also has access to global event management and 24x7 visibility into inventory, order and shipment information via AGI's VizTrack solution.

Ty Cobler, vice president of operations at APS, stated, "With VizTrack, our customers have real-time visibility across the supply chain, which enables faster, more accurate decision-making. This capability enables them to improve their efficiency, reduce errors and react to their client needs more effectively, among other benefits."