American Proficiency Institute Signs Three-Year Contract with DHL

National testing lab extends relationship with package delivery service based on on-time record, support

National testing lab extends relationship with package delivery service based on on-time record, support

Plantation, FL — August 23, 2005 — National testing lab American Proficiency Institute (API) has signed a new, extended three-year contract with DHL under which the delivery service will provide next-day, second-day and ground services to support API's proficiency testing services that serve thousands of laboratories throughout the United States.

Serving over 13,000 hospital, clinic and physician office laboratories, API evaluates the accuracy of laboratory test results to ensure compliance with federal government regulations. Based in Traverse City, Mich., API provides this service by sending blind, non-hazardous synthetic samples through DHL to laboratories across the U.S. for retesting. With on-time delivery crucial to meet the short turnaround required for testing and return, API uses DHL for both outbound and return shipments.

"We chose DHL for their rock-solid track record of reliability, and for the extraordinary level of support they provide our employees, from the local office to the corporate level," said Daniel Edson, president and co-founder of API. "DHL is a true partner, and we are exceptionally pleased with the high level of customer service they provide and the close relationship that we have built over the years."

From the inception of the API relationship almost three years ago, DHL said it has averaged a 98 percent on-time delivery rate. On-time delivery and local and national support were central to API's decision to extend the agreement to DHL, according to the delivery service.

Under this contract, DHL will distribute nearly 15,000 testing kits to thousands of laboratories six times each year, requiring an advanced collaboration of DHL sales, operations and courier staff and API personnel. Prior to distribution, API will use the DHL automated shipping system to facilitate the import, printing and application of delivery addresses and labels.

DHL said it would develop an operational plan for each distribution, providing additional line-haul trucks and local couriers to respond to spikes in daily shipment volume, as well as off-site and on-site support to scan, route, load and closely monitor shipment delivery to each lab.

"Companies such as API rely on DHL's ability to accommodate special handling needs and perform high levels of coordination for some very complex and time-sensitive distribution programs," said David Katz, area vice president of sales for DHL.

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