McCormick France Renews Freight Management and Auditing Contract

Continues relationship with Schneider Logistics to manage inbound volumes to manufacturing and distribution facility

Continues relationship with Schneider Logistics to manage inbound volumes to manufacturing and distribution facility

Venlo, Netherlands — September 7, 2005 — European manufacturer McCormick France has renewed its contract with international lead logistics provider Schneider Logistics to manage inbound volumes to McCormick's manufacturing and distribution facility in Saint Dizier, France.

A part of European tractor and agricultural vehicle manufacturer McCormick International Tractor Co., McCormick France supplies transmissions for the McCormick assembly plant in the United Kingdom out of the Saint Dizier facility, which is situated in Haute-Marne province approximately 250 kilometers east of Paris and which acts as a sales and distribution center for France.

Components to the plant, which manufactures the transmissions as well as finished vehicles for the French market, are covered by the contract with Schneider Logistics, which includes freight management, freight invoice auditing and reporting.

Schneider Logistics maintains staff onsite in Saint Dizier to control inward goods flows and freight invoice auditing, while shipments of completed vehicles are routed and managed by Schneider's European head office in Venlo, Netherlands.

"We have been working closely with Schneider Logistics for a number of years since we decided to outsource the majority of our logistics functions," said Christian Hocquigny, industrial manager at McCormick France. "Efficiency and cost improvements have been delivered as promised, and we are happy to extend our relationship with Schneider."

Jason Denne, Schneider Logistics' business development director, said that his company's ability to maintain the consistency of its staff onsite was an important factor in the renewal of this contract. "By working so closely with our customer we have earned McCormick's trust and are delighted to continue our successful cooperation," Denne said.

McCormick can trace its roots as an agricultural vehicle manufacturer back to the early 19th century. Most recently it was part of Case International until divested in 2000.

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