LXE Announces RFID Partner Certification Program

Certification partners to integrate, install and support forklift-mounted RX1 rugged mobile radio frequency identification reader

Certification partners to integrate, install and support forklift-mounted RX1 rugged mobile radio frequency identification reader

Atlanta — September 7, 2005 — Rugged mobile device provider LXE has debuted a series of certification programs supporting LXE's forklift-mounted RX1 rugged mobile radio frequency identification (RFID) reader.

The primary objective of the LXE RFID Partner Certification program is to develop a network of trained partners to consistently and successfully implement warehouse solutions that exploit the benefits and capabilities of the RX1 rugged mobile RFID reader, LXE said. Specific certifications include RFID Integration Partner, a RFID Technology Partner and an RFID Engineering Partner.

LXE said that the RFID Integration Partner Certification program will result in partners that are qualified and trained to provide integrated solutions that utilize the RX1 and its Spire RX antennas to RFID-enable warehouse operations. Specific operations include pallet picking, pallet put-aways and case picking.

Components of the Integration Partner Certification range from business case development to system design to hardware and software integration and support. Upon certification, an integration partner will be able to insure successful deployment of the RX1, according to LXE.

The LXE RFID Engineering Partner Certification program is focused on developing partners who can design and engineer mounting solutions and/or provide installation services for the LXE forklift mounted RFID reader and its antennas. Certified engineering partners will provide solutions for physical installation, including mounting kits, as well as wiring for antennas, communications and power.

LXE RFID Technology Partner Certification partners will provide RFID products that compliment the RX1 forklift mounted RFID reader. Technology partners will range from tag providers to printer manufacturers. To become certified, technology partners must demonstrate complimentary value and rigorously test their products to insure compatibility with the RX1 system.

Ed Krueger, LXE business development manager, said that the certification program is a natural first step in the rollout of a product like the RX1. "It is critical that we have the proper implementation and support network in place to insure that customers will be able to take full advantage of the benefits the RX1 will deliver," Krueger said.

LXE is currently in the process of certifying its first round of technology, integration and engineering partners. LXE expects to announce completion of these certifications in the coming weeks.

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