Acsis' Data-Link Enterprise Achieves Integration Certification with SAP

New certification program intended to give customers confidence in integration of SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and device management solutions

New certification program intended to give customers confidence in integration of SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and device management solutions

Atlanta — September 15, 2005 — Enterprise data collection solutions provider Acsis has completed integration testing between its Data-Link Enterprise solution and the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure component of the SAP NetWeaver open integration and application platform.

The Data-Link Enterprise solution manages various devices on the shop floor, including all RFID devices. Data-Link acts as a message processing hub and process coordinator for the commands between the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure and the devices.

As a business process is started in the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure, Data-Link determines the appropriate actions for specific devices, orchestrates the device actions, captures the data from each device as the processes occur and responds back to the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure with a single transfer of normalized information to complete the business process. This communication enables processing of granular data at the shop-floor level by Data-Link to ensure speed and allows the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure to process business events with accurate information.

Acsis was invited to participate in the newly released SAP certified integration program, offered by SAP to integrate device controllers with the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure. The program was developed to deliver standards-based radio frequency identification (RFID) solutions to SAP customers. Through the certification program, customers can be confident of the integration provided by device management solutions certified for integration with the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure, Acsis said.

Together in Palo Alto, Calif., SAP and Acsis completed all testing scenarios offered for integration of Acsis' Data-Link Enterprise version 4.1 solution and the SAP Auto-ID Infrastructure Release 2.1.

Acsis, an SAP Technology Partner, began working together with SAP to offer RFID solutions in April 2004. Through this partnership, the companies have completed implementations at pharmaceutical, consumer packaged goods and manufacturing organizations. Acsis said that this certification offers further evidence that the two enablers provide a standards-based and proven enterprise solution to handle all aspects of integrating RFID into business processes.

"As leaders in our respective markets, we focus on our core competences to help organizations simplify the integration of RFID technology within the enterprise," said Steven Selfridge, CEO and president of Acsis.

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