International Paper Touts Supply Chain Solutions for RFID

Smart Packaging division offers technology to meet retailer mandates, improve supply operations

Smart Packaging division offers technology to meet retailer mandates, improve supply operations

Memphis — September 16, 2005 — International Paper Smart Packaging (IPSP) this week touted its RFID Core Compliance offering as a solution for businesses looking for ways to meet retailer requirements for radio frequency identification and to realize greater business value from their RFID implementations.

IPSP said it develops and implements solutions intended to help customers not only meet retailer mandates but also improve their supply chain. IPSP's Core Compliance solutions range from basic to comprehensive, meeting a variety of customer needs.

"If you are looking for bare minimum compliance or full integrations, we have the solution," said Le Tran, project director of IPSP. "It is not just about meeting mandates. We are dedicated to developing results that work best with our customer's existing systems and make sense for their business."

IP said its solution offerings start with a basic system for customers with small volumes to tag and an immediate focus on meeting compliance. If customers would like further piece of mind that tagged cases can be read at their trading partners' sites, a verification station is added to ensure that RFID tags are read after being applied.

For customers who want to start gaining supply chain benefits from RFID, dock portals are available to automatically check in and outbound shipments. Customers requiring high-volume tagging could use IPSP's compliance solution that provides powered conveyors and automatic tag applications.

For those customers wanting to integrate a solution to their legacy application, IPSP offers platforms that interface through a variety of protocols. And to give customers enterprise control over their serialization, a centralized server can be installed. IPSP said it works with its customers to help them determine their exact needs and implement the most cost-effective, turnkey solution to improve their supply chain efficiencies.

Meeting the mandates is important, but so is getting a thorough understanding of the technology. For customers who are also looking to learn more about RFID as they implement these solutions, IPSP offers what it describes as vendor-neutral RFID training courses at its Customers Solution Center. Classes taught at this RFID training, demonstration and compliance-testing center provide customers with the knowledge and hands-on experience needed to help them implement and manage a successful RFID strategy, according to IP.

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