San Mateo County Makes It Easier to Comply with Government Regulations

Content management being used to improve service, reduce costs; helps employees stay current on regulations, streamline information management

Content management being used to improve service, reduce costs; helps employees stay current on regulations, streamline information management

Eden Prairie, MN — October 3, 2005 — Stellent Inc., a provider of content management solutions, announced today that San Mateo County's Human Services Agency is using its Universal Content Management in a move designed to improve client service, reduce operational costs and maintain compliance with government regulations. The California county agency provides economic, employment and health care coverage services to its residents.

"Like most government agencies, we must maintain compliance with a multitude of regulations while keeping our employees informed of government policy changes in a timely manner," said Clarisa Soriano, director of automation for San Mateo County's Human Services Agency. "As a result, we created tremendous amounts of paperwork, e-mails and forms, and incurred significant costs to manage and deliver this content across multiple offices and service centers. Stellent Universal Content Management enables us to reduce our information management challenges by making content easily accessible via a multi-site intranet."

San Mateo County is using the content management solution to give "ownership" of its intranet content to each of the Human Services Agency's five departments, 20 subdivisions and call center. Specifically, the Agency utilizes Stellent Site Studio, a multi-site management application that enables each department, subdivision and call center to create, manage and publish micro-sites within the organization's intranet while ensuring each site complies with corporate brand and navigational standards.

"Because Site Studio empowers each of our departments to easily distribute their own content via the intranet, we have achieved optimal, timely communication across our organization and are better able to serve our clients," Soriano added.

Another key driver behind the implementation was the need to make the Agency's more than 75,000 case file documents readily available to the county's call center employees.

"We employ 65 call center representatives that require on-demand access to case files when handling service calls. Now, these employees do not have to spend time trying to locate files in various file cabinets and storage areas; they can obtain them instantaneously through the intranet, significantly improving our ability to serve clients," said Praveen Singh, information technology (IT) supervisor for San Mateo County's Human Services Agency.

The Agency is also using the technology to keep its more than 900 employees up-to-date on government regulations, such as eligibility requirements for different programs. Prior to implementing Stellent, the task was difficult for the Agency because it only had two people who were capable of updating the intranet with the latest regulations, leading to inefficient distribution of regulatory updates and documents via e-mail. Now the Agency has more than 25 intranet contributors, ensuring all employees are aware of even the most current regulations.