Automating the Quotation and Proposal Generation Process at Cray

Supercomputer specialist taps Webcom for solution to help salespeople, channel configure, price and quote systems without engineering's help

Supercomputer specialist taps Webcom for solution to help salespeople, channel configure, price and quote systems without engineering's help

Milwaukee — October 14, 2005 — Supercomputer company Cray is set to use a solution from Webcom to automate the quotation and proposal generation process and to help the company's salespeople and sales channel configure, price and quote systems without engineering's help.

A leader in supercomputers, purpose-built for high-performance computing (HPC), Cray provides computing platforms targeted at scientists and engineers in academia, government and industry.

As high-performance computing needs have evolved, so have Cray's systems. The same real-world performance that defines Cray's position in high-end supercomputing is also available in smaller systems that meet the expanding market for performance and value.

"The volume of proposals and business has increased, putting a strain on engineering resources for supporting sales people and sales channels," said Adam Lorant, Cray vice president of product marketing. "[Webcom's] WebSource CPQ will allow our salespeople and sales channels to accurately configure, price and quote our XD1 product without requiring engineering support services, raising productivity across all affected departments."

Webcom said that WebSource CPQ is designed to help drive increased revenues and margins, increased customer satisfaction, reduced costs and improved productivity. Requiring just a Web browser, WebSource CPQ will allow Cray salespeople and channel partners to configure, price, quote and propose solutions, helping to reduce the quotation and proposal turnaround time, according to Webcom.

"Cray will leverage the integration of WebSource CPQ to to maximize the value driven by their customer relationship management initiatives," said Rick Olson, president of Webcom Solutions, the Webcom channel partner responsible for Cray. "Cray's initiatives in this area dovetail perfectly with recent research by various industry analyst firms showing strong growth in customer-facing application spend," added Olson.

"WebSource CPQ will allow Cray's salespeople and sales channels to be self sufficient in the configuration to proposal process, resulting in high quality proposals and quotations, as WebSource CPQ will dynamically generate a quotation and proposal based upon a specific configuration," said Aleks Ivanovic, Webcom CEO.

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