Infor Extends Warehouse Management Capability for Discrete Manufacturing

Continues integrating apps across product lines to meet specific industry needs

Continues integrating apps across product lines to meet specific industry needs

Atlanta — October 14, 2005 — Infor, a global enterprise software provider for the manufacturing and distribution industries, today announced it is making its warehouse management technology available for an enterprise resource planning (ERP) system used by discrete manufacturers.

The system for managing distribution centers is already a part of Infor Manufacturing Essentials, and now it is available for professional-service experts to incorporate it into Infor's Microsoft .NET-based ERP system for manufacturers.

The Distribution Center Management System (DCMS) adds warehouse management functionality to Infor's SyteLine ERP system. The provider said it is designed to promote lean manufacturing by enabling manufacturers to keep less inventory in the plant. Inventory flows are managed by such functionality as radio-frequency (RF) barcode scanning for data entry; both serial and batch management; control of lots, serial numbers and expiration dates; tools to measure productivity and cost; and capabilities for advanced shipping notices, electronic data interchange and customer compliance labeling.

Additionally, DCMS supports manufacturers that are storing and shipping products directly to customers instead of sending finished goods to a separate warehouse location; the system more efficiently stores materials for customers and vendor-owned inventory and improves third-party logistics operations.

Finally, the Infor DCMS technology has a graphical display, a navigation system and the ability to provide subsets of data.

Infor said the technology can be used for single or multiple warehouses, and it allows manufacturers and distributors to visualize the location of specific items within the facility. They can also use it to determine the size and weight of incoming shipments. The system also automates customer billing, and companies can set up any rate structure they prefer based on activity and storage within the facility.

Infor currently is adapting an industry-specific version of DCMS to apply to process manufacturing, as it continues to enlarge its family of technology Essentials for each type of industry. In addition to DCMS, Infor applications that have been introduced for multiple products include quality-management and supply chain management solutions, each of which is configured for the particular needs of specific industries.

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