First U.S. License Signed for Aussie RFID Security Technology

Serigraph licenses MIKOH technology to help ensure tag integrity in radio frequency identification applications

Serigraph licenses MIKOH technology to help ensure tag integrity in radio frequency identification applications

New York  October 17, 2005  MIKOH Corporation, which provides a variety of security and digital marking products, has inked the first licensing agreement in the United States of its radio frequency identification (RFID) tag security technology to Serigraph Inc., a provider of creative decorating solutions with experience in material, product design and manufacturing utilizing multiple printing and finishing technologies.

The agreement allows Serigraph to manufacture, market and sell RFID labels, seals and tags that incorporate MIKOH's Smart&Secure tamper-indicating technology.

"As RFID is rapidly adopted in a variety of industries, ensuring the security of tags and the integrity of captured information is an important issue to take into consideration," said Joseph A. Klahn, business unit manager for consumer electronics of Serigraph. "MIKOH provides the most advanced technology to address the physical vulnerability of the tag."

MIKOH said its Smart&Secure technology disables an RFID tag if it is interfered with after its original positioning, helping to protect users from security compromises and commercial loss through counterfeiting, substitution, theft and other types of fraud. Tamper-detection for RFID tags will benefit any application where the integrity of the tag or seal is essential, MIKOH said, such as pharmaceutical product tagging, container security, document authenticity and monitoring of safety equipment.

"Conventional RFID tags can be moved from one item to another without affecting the function of the tag," said Dr. Peter Atherton, chief technology officer of MIKOH Corporation. "Tags originally placed on critical items can very easily be moved without the system being aware of any corruption, defeating the purpose of investing in automated tracking technology."

According to MIKOH, Smart&Secure, a proprietary technology that MIKOH has patented, is compatible with all existing RFID frequencies, chip types and pressure-sensitive tag designs.

Headquartered in West Bend, Wis., Serigraph is one of the nation's largest providers of decorating solutions on plastics, providing graphic solutions to the automotive, medical, power sports, appliance, consumer electronics, sports and outdoor, and point-of-purchase industries worldwide.

MIKOH Corporation, headquartered in Sydney, Australia, is a specialty supplier of security products, with marking technologies for authentication, identification, tamper-indication and subsurface information storage.

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