IWS Launches .Net-based WMS Offering

Solution provider also debuts analytics add-on to flagship warehouse management system

Solution provider also debuts analytics add-on to flagship warehouse management system

Downers Grove, IL — November 8, 2005 — Supply chain solution provider Integrated Warehousing Solutions (IWS) has released a version of its flagship IRMS warehouse management system for .Net environments and debuted a new analytics dashboard designed to give managers and executives a visual representation of all aspects of operational performance in the warehouse.

With IRMS .Net, IWS said that it was tapping thin-client technology to reduce response time, improve querying efficiency and lower the cost of next-generation integration with such options as traditional files and XML to Web services and Java Messaging Systems.

By separating the business logic from the user interface and relying on a proxy server to provide easy integration points, IWS said it was delivering new ability for users to access critical information quickly, efficiently and in an easy-to-navigate environment.

"Our customers are continually driving operational improvements in the quest for world-class performance," said Carl Brewer, president of Integrated Warehousing Solutions. "With IRMS .Net, we provide comprehensive views of inventory, locations, operations and service levels throughout the supply chain, all with just a click of a mouse - a major leap forward in streamlining processes and improving efficiency."

IRMS .Net is available directly from IWS and its partners, and pricing is based on site and user count.

New Dashboard Offering

IWS also announced the release of IRMS Analytics, an add-on to the IRMS suite intended to give managers and executives faster access to insight critical for making informed business decisions.

"IRMS Analytics addresses the growing need of operations managers for instant analysis of how well goods — whether raw materials or subassemblies for manufacturing or finished goods for the consumer market — are moving through the warehouse," the solution provider said in announcing the new offering. "Until now, this insight required hours of work extrapolating numbers and creating charts in Excel."

With IRMS Analytics, users can define the graphical representation they prefer and see current state, key performance indicators and historical perspective in a variety of formats. The solution allows for click-and-see drilling down for details and customized reports for sharing information throughout the organization, according to IWS.

"The volume of information associated with the constant flow of materials in any warehouse can be mind-boggling, but it's impossible to manage without it," said Brewer. "Our customers rely on us to help them continuously increase organizational effectiveness and efficiency, and with IRMS Analytics, they have the ability to understand what the numbers mean, right at their fingertips."

IWS said that IRMS suite for warehouse fulfillment and distribution is deployed in more than 200 facilities worldwide. Its customers include companies in wholesale distribution, manufacturing, catalog, third-party logistics and government.

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