National City Deploys Procuri to Streamline Sourcing Processes

Financial holding company banks on on-demand solution to optimize processes, supplier/buyer collaboration

Financial holding company banks on on-demand solution to optimize processes, supplier/buyer collaboration

Atlanta — November 17, 2005 — Financial holding company National City Corporation has tapped an on-demand sourcing solution from Procuri as part of an effort to optimize its sourcing processes and supplier/buyer collaboration.

Headquartered in Cleveland, National City is one of the nation's largest financial holding companies, operating through a banking network primarily in Ohio, Illinois, Indiana, Kentucky, Michigan, Missouri and Pennsylvania.

The company has signed up to use Procuri TotalSource, which is intended to help its users develop sourcing best practices and to aid sourcing professionals in making total best value decisions while ensuring set requirements are met.

"By automating their strategic sourcing processes, financial services and insurance institutions can create significant cost savings by improving decision making, enforcing best practices across multiple spend categories and creating the best value mix of global suppliers, products and services," Procuri said in announcing the customer win.

National City also uses Procuri TotalContracts to help manage a variety of contracts enterprise-wide. Procuri said that TotalContracts enables companies to reduce costs, improve operations and streamline process cycles for purchasing from multiple spend categories.

"The need for effective and efficient business performance has never been greater," said Mark F. Morel, president and CEO for Procuri. "Purchasing departments are under continuous pressure to cut costs to keep up with competitors, but also to negotiate favorable delivery dates, quantities, quality and other non-price items. Procuri alleviates that pressure and enables our customers to develop creative new approaches to seemingly complex issues with ease and efficiency."

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