Taking Action to Prevent Loss in the Supply Chain

Multi-national purchases Bulldog Technologies' supply chain security management solution

Multi-national purchases Bulldog Technologies' supply chain security management solution

Richmond, British Columbia — November 30, 2005 — Bulldog Technologies Inc., a provider of wireless security solutions and sensor networks that monitor, track and secure assets in the supply chain, announced today that a Fortune 500 company specializing in grocery food products has issued their first purchase order for the Bulldog MiniBOSS covert tracking and loss-prevention solution.

Bulldog said it honors the customer's request for anonymity to preserve the integrity of their DLR (Deter-Locate-Recover) operations.

After careful consideration, the international multi-billion dollar company said it selected Bulldog's MiniBOSS units to protect its goods in transit. After the initial stage, the company intends to implement the system throughout its supply chain, securing delivery of its food products.

Bulldog explained that the MiniBOSS System provides a facility to secure, track and recover product shipments while providing the possibility of reduced rates for insurance coverage. As such, this particular Bulldog customer has expressed interest in taking full advantage of all direct and indirect benefits associated with the deployment of the MiniBOSS system.

The Bulldog MiniBOSS is a cellular-based true-AGPS covert asset recovery device. It is designed to work in conjunction with Bulldog's Web-based software, allowing users to securely track their shipments using a standard PC. Bulldog said the MiniBOSS can rely on both cellular tower triangulation and GPS satellite location to pinpoint the location of transportable materials throughout the United States.

John Cockburn, president and CEO of Bulldog Technologies, said today, "To be able to assist this Fortune 500 organization in protecting its supply chain with the Bulldog MiniBOSS is a great honor. They are a storied company with a long history and are a pillar in their community and in the business community in general. Our expectation is that this positive beginning is a prelude to a long and mutually beneficial business relationship."

For more information on solutions for supply chain security, see "Building the Secure Supply Chain," the Net Best Thing article in the June/July 2003 issue of iSource Business (now Supply & Demand Chain Executive) magazine.