Akzo Nobel Leverages Sourcing Solution for Transportation Categories

Dutch manufacturer to use Verticalnet offering to optimize logistics spend in North America, Europe

Dutch manufacturer to use Verticalnet offering to optimize logistics spend in North America, Europe

Malvern, PA — December 9, 2005 — Holland's Akzo Nobel has selected Verticalnet for advanced sourcing of road transportation events spanning North America and Europe as the company seeks to optimize its transportation spend across those geographies.

Akzo Nobel is a Fortune 300 manufacturer that serves customers globally with healthcare products, coatings and chemicals. Recognizing the inherent complexities and the data intensive nature of transportation sourcing, Akzo Nobel will use a combination of Verticalnet's Advanced Sourcing tools and critical support services to source select transportation subcategories.

The advanced sourcing events in the U.S. market are designed to optimize the company's shipping for a number of modes that include less-than-truckload (LTL), full truckload (FTL), bulk and rail. In Europe, advanced sourcing events will include bulk transportation and palletized shipments.

According to Ronald Baars, director of corporate purchasing at Akzo Nobel: "Our suppliers are critical to our business success, so we want to achieve a balanced approach to our optimization process. By engaging suppliers in a bidding process that allows them to express their unique capabilities and strengths, Akzo Nobel seeks to identify win-win opportunities for both buyer and supplier."

Verticalnet said its Advanced Sourcing category solutions offer a combination of strategic sourcing services and technology tailored to the challenges faced when sourcing complex, strategically important categories.

"As a specialized strategic sourcing firm with extensive experience leading sourcing initiatives, Verticalnet understands the challenges in successfully sourcing complex categories like transportation — the need to lay a foundation of solid baseline data, obtain insight into complex supplier economics, meet sourcing objectives and manage costs in the face of unpredictable category dynamics," the solution provider said in announcing the customer win.

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