HighJump Software Releases Supply Chain Advantage 8.0

New version of suite features updated platform and modules geared toward enterprise readiness and stronger supply chain linking

New version of suite features updated platform and modules geared toward enterprise readiness and stronger supply chain linking

Eden Prairie, MN — December 15, 2005 — HighJump Software has released the latest version of its flagship supply chain execution solution, with an updated platform and modules geared toward enterprise readiness and stronger supply chain linking.

Version 8.0 of HighJump's Supply Chain Advantage combines various product updates and an improved graphical user interface on its Microsoft .NET-enabled platform. HighJump said that its customers moving to 8.0 will benefit from improved enterprise readiness, integration with existing business systems, additional best practices-based functionality and ease of workflow configuration.

WMS Update

HighJump said it updated its flagship Warehouse Advantage warehouse management solution (WMS) based on the latest best practices, emerging industry trends and customer feedback. In the new version, full integration between HighJump's WMS and the latest version of Vocollect's Voice-Directed Distribution adds voice-enabled picking options configurable by warehouse, specific pick area or specific employee.

Additionally, HighJump added functionality to deepen the replenishment model for top-off replenishment, quantity-based replenishments and dynamic calculation of replenishment quantities based on demand. The solution's supply chain visibility was also enhanced by adding a set of executive dashboard performance metrics and Web pages.

MES, Yard Management Upgrades

Manufacturing Advantage, HighJump's manufacturing execution system (MES), contains various enhanced features designed to improve shop floor performance. A scheduling workbench allows planners and schedulers to manage production against a set schedule. The solution also includes beefed-up shop floor production reporting and asset management capabilities intended to assist customers in tracking operational efficiency. Throughout the production process, customers can capture and track quality management data and other key product attributes used for material traceability and genealogy.

Elsewhere, HighJump has strengthened the functionality of its Yard Advantage solution through a graphical user interface, drag-and-drop yard moves, multi-yard support and real-time location tracking for trailers. Customers can now visualize their yards on-screen and make necessary adjustments based on real-time inventory usage requirements. Real-time visualization of trailer positions helps ensure yard security and fast inventory tracking, the solution provider said.

Revisited Platform

Finally, HighJump said that its Advantage Platform serves as a common foundation for all solutions in the company's Supply Chain Advantage suite, promoting information sharing among applications and the continued ability to complete upgrades in a matter of hours. A Web interface now spans all applications and provides users with configurable screens.

Version 8.0's platform features support customers with increased enterprise readiness to help them manage the demands of growth in their businesses as well as multi-site deployments. The new platform also includes support for Microsoft SQL Server 2005 and Oracle 10g. HighJump has added functionality to facilitate compliance with changing governmental and regulatory requirements, including Sarbanes-Oxley and FDA 21 CFR Part 11.

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