Adeptron Aims to Optimize Responsiveness in Unpredictable Electronics Market

EMS provider deploys Kinaxis software to improve operations performance and increase customers' visibility into extended supply chain

EMS provider deploys Kinaxis software to improve operations performance and increase customers' visibility into extended supply chain

Ottawa, Ontario — December 16, 2005 — Electronics manufacturing services (EMS) provider Adeptron Technologies has deployed an operations performance management solution from Kinaxis as part of project to optimize customer service and responsiveness within the unpredictable electronics market.

Based in Ontario, Adeptron provides such manufacturing services as printed circuit board assembly production, materials management, box build, systems integration and order fulfillment requirements to customers across North America. The company has implemented Kinaxis' RapidResponse software at each of its three manufacturing facilities.

Responding to Customers

As an EMS provider operating in a volatile market, the customer relationship is paramount to Adeptron's success. Building a close partnership based on timely communication, efficient processes and responsive action helps Adeptron and its customers achieve a competitive advantage.

To build this partnership, however, Adeptron employees need accessible and actionable supply chain information in order to effectively respond to the constant stream of customer requests for changes to order quantities, delivery dates or product engineering.

RapidResponse, integrated with Adeptron's Syspro ERP system, provides real-time visibility into the effects of customer requests on its supply chain and enables front-line staff to determine the optimal resolution(s) by performing "what if" scenarios. Analysis of supply chain changes, which before RapidResponse could take days to compile and provide to the customer, now can be done in a half-hour without considerable buyer participation, extended enterprise resource planning (ERP) system downtime or abundant paper reports. As a result, Adeptron has been able to significantly reduce its inventory exposure in terms of both order cancellations and purchase order push outs.

Improved Analysis

"Kinaxis RapidResponse was the perfect solution to address our need for improved analysis and responsiveness", said Geoff Beale, vice president of operations for Adeptron. "We believe our success is dependent upon our ability to build a business that is entirely structured around providing solutions to our customers' challenges and being responsive to their changing demands. RapidResponse not only has strengthened our ability to deliver on that commitment but also has benefited our business by improving our overall operations performance."

By adopting RapidResponse, Adeptron has also empowered its customers to quickly access pertinent supply chain information. Whether a customer wants insight into the status of an order or is looking to provide comment on a revised production schedule, Adeptron's immediate feedback has increased the level of visibility offered to the customer.

In addition, Adeptron can provide and receive supply chain information it needs from its supplier base via a Web portal at a vastly expedited pace, thus freeing up its purchasing group's time to focus more extensively on higher value activities.

"Adeptron's Response Management capabilities is proof that OEMs don't have to give up visibility and control when outsourcing their operations," said Randy Littleson, vice president of marketing for Kinaxis. "Adeptron recognizes that by being a responsive and transparent solutions provider, they are able to enhance their customer's competitive advantages. This is a very compelling value proposition for Adeptron to bring to the table."

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