Vocollect Brings Voice-Directed Work to Handheld Devices

Adds voice-recognition technology to voice-enabled platforms; Symbol Technologies' MC9060-S first supported device

Brings voice-recognition technology to voice-enabled platforms; Symbol Technologies' MC9060-S first supported device

Pittsburgh — December 23, 2005 — Voice-directed fulfillment specialist Vocollect this week rolled out its Vocollect Voice for Handhelds solution, which brings the same industrial voice-recognition technology that powers Vocollect's Talkman wearable computers to voice-enabled handheld devices.

This capability expands the hardware platform alternatives customers have for deploying Voice-Directed Work in distribution centers and areas beyond the warehouse, Vocollect said. Symbol Technologies' MC9060-S is the first handheld device that will be supported, with handhelds from other manufacturers to follow in the coming months.

"For nearly 20 years, customers have realized accuracy and productivity gains in warehouses and distribution centers with Voice-Directed Distribution," said Jack LeVan, CEO of Vocollect. "The decision to offer customers a choice in platforms above and beyond voice-only wearable computers came with the idea that voice applications are perfectly suited to augment screen and keypad-based work activities. Adding voice provides an opportunity to improve productivity and accuracy in concert with other handheld functions."

According to Vocollect, the biggest benefit that Voice for Handhelds brings to the market is that clients can now mix and match devices in the same deployment under the same deployment management tools and IT architecture. Voice for Handhelds includes Vocollect's speech recognition and text-to-speech technology, combined with optimized device client software for communication to host systems.

Vocollect Voice for Handhelds will support 13 language sets (U.S. English, French, German, Dutch, Spanish, Italian, Portuguese, Danish, Finnish, Swedish, Canadian French, Brazilian Portuguese and U.K. English). Team members can also select a male or female voice and choose from nine prompt speeds.

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