3PL Kenco Expands Transportation Offering

Deploys Web-based software from LeanLogistics to give customers full visibility of shipment status and cost

Deploys Web-based software from LeanLogistics to give customers full visibility of shipment status and cost

Holland, MI — January 23, 2004 — Kenco Logistic Services, a third-party logistics (3PL) provider, has expanded its transportation management services with the purchase of software from LeanLogistics, a provider of Web-native transportation management systems.

Kenco is a family-owned logistics provider based in Chattanooga, Tenn., since 1950. The company operates more than 17 million square feet of warehouse space and employs more than 3,000 people in 16 states and Canada, providing logistic services ranging from warehouse logistics to labeling, packaging, returns processing, transportation management, lift truck sales and service, record storage and building equipment.

The 3PL is deploying the LeanLogistics Transportation Management System as part of a new transportation initiative intended to allow Kenco to offer complete supply chain management solutions. With LeanLogistics, Kenco's transportation team will have the improved ability to strategize, plan, execute and settle its transportation transactions, while maintaining event visibility and performance analysis, according to LeanLogistics.

Staff at Kenco will use LeanLogistics in managing transportation across the company's entire network of warehouses, operating the transportation command center, customer service, warehouse shipping and receiving, accounting and sales. In addition, all Kenco's customers will have access to the system with full shipment level visibility related to shipment status and cost.

"Now Kenco can provide customers with complete transportation command center capabilities into and out of Kenco dedicated and public warehouse facilities," said Gary Mayfield, president and CEO of Kenco Logistics Services.

Mayfield says that the LeanLogistics technology is helping Kenco's customers meet carrier capacity constraints and reduce overall transportation costs through proactive management of appointment scheduling on pickups and deliveries, access to a private transportation marketplace of more than 1,900 active carriers, continuous moves and consolidation of less than truckload (LTL) shipments into single-pick, single-drop linehaul truckloads.

Linehaul moves into major markets, with LTL distribution to the final consignee, avoids high stop-off charges that are a result of the new federal hours of service regulations.

Kenco is taking advantage of LeanLogistics' hosted software model to leverage network benefits and keep information technology (IT) infrastructure costs low, according to LeanLogistics.

LeanLogistics says that Kenco selected the Web-based solution because of the complementary transportation network established with over 1,900 carriers, client references and its technology's functionality for 3PLs.