RosettaNet Aligns with EAN Australia

Organizations to promote e-business standardization for advancement of supply chain optimization

Organizations to promote e-business standardization for advancement of supply chain optimization

Santa Ana, CA — March 31, 2004 — RosettaNet, the global leader in e-business standards, today announced that the consortium has entered into an affiliate agreement with EAN Australia to promote the adoption and implementation of RosettaNet standards within Australia's high technology sector and beyond.

EAN Australia, a not-for-profit industry organization focused on supply chain management improvement, will act as the host organization for the new RosettaNet Australia affiliate, scheduled to formally launch later this year.

According to the organizations, the alliance will bring RosettaNet's supply chain benefits, including improved operational efficiencies and lower transaction costs, to Australian-based enterprises and their trading partners. The partnership also signifies EAN Australia's support in advancing e-business processes, such as RosettaNet's industry standards for global supply chain management.

"RosettaNet's longevity and critical success is largely attributed to the consortium's continued focus on industry outreach and collaboration around standards development and adoption, as well as targeted growth in new markets and geographies," said Jennifer Hamilton, RosettaNet president and CEO. "We are pleased with the further expansion of RosettaNet into the APAC region and excited about the opportunities that will come about as a result of our new affiliation with EAN Australia."

"The deployment of RosettaNet is expected to fuel the continued growth of electronic trading in Australia, thereby enhancing the way companies transact business while also increasing e-commerce opportunities between technology companies in the Asia-Pacific Region," remarked Maria Palazzolo, CEO, EAN Australia. "Coupled with the EAN.UCC System, RosettaNet XML standards offer Australian businesses a full set of complementary business tools for best practice supply chain management."