Canada's Unigistix, VDI Merge

Companies tout expertise in pharmaceutical and consumer products logistics

Companies tout expertise in pharmaceutical and consumer products logistics

Brampton, Ontario — April 2, 2004 — Unigistix, a provider of supply chain and logistics services, is merging with VDI Healthcare Logistics in a move to combine the two companies' expertise and better serve pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer products customers.

Based in Brampton, Ontario, Unigistix is a privately held, third-party logistics management company serving the telecommunications, software, and health and safety industries in Canada and globally. Oakville, Ontario-based VDI, also privately held, is a third-party logistics company that provides complex distribution and logistics management services, primarily to customers in the pharmaceutical industry.

As manufacturers and retailers attempt to lower supply chain costs and increase operational efficiencies, they are driving the trend toward outsourcing complex, higher value aspects of logistics and supply chain management. The two service provider believe that by combining VDI's in-depth vertical industry experience and Unigistix's execution capabilities, they can take advantage of this trend to jointly grow in the pharmaceutical, healthcare and consumer products markets.

"More and more companies realize the value in outsourcing complex logistics," said Michael Dunlop, president and CEO at Unigistix. "A truly professional logistics provider is expected to improve operating efficiencies and enhance the customer experience. What's really important is how well they do it. In VDI, we recognized a successful organization with flexibility, customization, responsiveness and focus on technology, which matched our operational philosophy."

Dunlop added that VDI's experience in the pharmaceutical sector would make them a good fit within Unigistix. "They bring a deep understanding of third-party healthcare logistics from the client's perspective, as well as the specific experience of customizing logistics services to the strict needs of pharmaceutical clients," Dunlop noted.

"Outsourcing is a critical strategic decision for many organizations to survive in a continually changing landscape, and, to work effectively, it must be a model where the supply chain is seamless," said Ray Dubé, CEO at VDI. "This partnership will allow VDI to maintain its leadership position in the highly specialized and rapidly expanding pharmaceutical and healthcare sectors."

VDI Healthcare Logistics will operate as a division of Unigistix Inc.