Cleo, Kodiak Ally on Data Synchronization

Providers developing data-synch solution for UCCnet and other data pools

Providers developing data-synch solution for UCCnet and other data pools

Rockford, IL— April 12, 2004 — Cleo Communications, a provider of e-business communications products, is partnering with The Kodiak Group, experts in UCCnet data synchronization and integrated e-commerce, to develop a solution to data synchronization through UCCnet and other data pools.

The Kodiak Group provides a range of e-commerce services, including on projects related to data synchronization, electronic data interchange (EDI) and collaborative B2B processes and technologies. In addition, Kodiak says it helps smaller firms to achieve compliance with the requirements of their customers.

Cleo offers applications that enable users to establish and manage communications sessions automatically and integrate communications with e-business applications. The provider serves customers in the manufacturing, retail, healthcare, financial, automotive and other markets.

Data synchronization is the continuous harmonization of product and service information between two parties for integration of retailer and manufacturer processes. It helps trading partners reduce errors involved in pricing, purchase orders, product delivery and scanning.

As product data changes, new information can be communicated quickly and accurately in a standardized format. Additionally, data synchronization can help companies take new products to market faster and help buyers and sellers locate one another with greater ease, regardless of location.

UCCnet is an organization helping to drive the data-synch movement. A not-for-profit organization, UCCnet provides product registry, validation and data synchronization services. Largely involving the retail and consumer package goods (CPG) markets, UCCnet data synchronization is estimated to be the largest industry-wide movement since the UPC code. Many retailers, including Wal-Mart, Sam's Club, Lowe's, Home Depot, Ahold and others, have published deadlines for suppliers to achieve data synchronization with UCCnet.

"The growing number of retailers committed to UCCnet data synchronization makes working with The Kodiak Group the key step in helping our customers respond to the requirements," explained James Boswell, vice president of sales and marketing for Cleo Communications.

"Cleo's expertise in making it easy for suppliers to adopt secure Internet data communications aligns with our interest in data synchronization and ecommerce technology applications," said Bryan Ducharme, vice president of business development for Kodiak. "Cleo really understands the trading partner community and the challenges of e-commerce in the Internet age."