Genalytics Debuts ASP Version of Analytics Platform

Latest edition adds upgraded data extraction engine, improved genetic algorithms, provider says

Latest edition adds upgraded data extraction engine, improved genetic algorithms, provider says

Newburyport, MA — April 12, 2004 — Business analytics specialist Genalytics has released the latest version of its flagship analytics software platform, adding an upgraded data extraction engine, improved genetic algorithms and a new application service provider (ASP) interface for Web-based access.

The provider says its Genalytics 5.0 software can help financial services, telecommunications and retail firms transform vast amounts of enterprise data into actionable predictive intelligence, enabling marketers to spend more time on such higher value-added activities as promoting products, selecting customer prospects and targeting offers.

The latest version includes an improved data extraction engine, according to Genalytics, which says that the extract module provides flexible extraction and data transformation functionality that matches the changing requirements of the enterprise marketing and risk management functions.

"This engine also puts the power of advanced extraction in the hands of the analyst, without the need to learn arcane SQL commands or wait for IT data processing cycle times," Genalytics said in a statement. The provider claims that the extract module helps organizations employ a wider range of data in more sophisticated ways, resulting in better predictions in 70-80 percent less time than traditional regression-based approaches.

The improved genetic algorithms were designed to make more efficient use of system resources, producing faster learning and often delivering 10 percent more accurate predictions, Genalytics claims. "This allows marketers to make faster and more accurate decisions when designing cross-selling, customer retention and risk management programs," the provider said in its statement.

Finally, Genalytics said its software will now be available on an ASP basis from the developer and a network of partners, providing analysts in remote locations with access to the analytics platform. Data transfer and communications security is maintained with secure socket layer (SSL) encryption between the Genalytics client and the centralized server.

As the volume of enterprise data grows exponentially, companies are faced with the need to provide answers to an increasing number of analytic questions to support their marketing, risk and customer acquisition activities. Acquiring data from a myriad of data sources such as customer relationship management, transactional systems and relational databases often consumes a majority of analysts' time, preventing them from focusing on building the predictive models that drive marketing programs. Genalytics says that its software reduces the total model development cycle time from weeks or months to days as it automates many steps in the data preparation process.

"Data extraction continues to be a pain point for companies as they strive to leverage the vast amounts of data languishing in operational systems," said Doug Newell, president and CEO of Genalytics. "Our new data extract capabilities offer firms a new approach to acquiring and transforming data that can radically reduce the time to process raw data into new insights about future customer behavior."