New Customer Advisory Board, Clients for John Galt Solutions

Advisory board to formalize customer-driven software product R&D, new customers sign up for improved visibility

Advisory board to formalize customer-driven software product R&D, new customers sign up for improved visibility

Chicago — April 22, 2004 — John Galt Solutions Inc., a provider of solutions and software in the forecasting, demand planning and collaborative market space, has announced the formation of a Customer Advisory Board and that during the first quarter of 2004, the company signed 12 new client contracts for its Atlas Planning Suite Demand Management Engine Module.

The Advisory Board, which met for the first time on April 20, is comprised of a representative sampling of 12 John Galt customers from the manufacturing, consumer packaged goods, food and beverage industries, and educational organizations.

According to Kai Trepte, John Galt's vice president of Sales and Operations, recruiting a formal board of advisors from among its installed user base was a natural next step in advancing company's growth strategy and product development plans.

"In developing and enhancing our Atlas Planning Suite and ForecastX software solutions, we have always worked closely with existing clients, listening to their suggestions and responding to their changing business needs," said Trepte. "Formalizing the process through the Customer Advisory Board will enable us to tap into their expertise on corporate and product-related issues."

Additionally, the Atlas Planning Suite received 12 new client contracts, and John Galt said the new clients represent a wide range of industries, including consumer packaged goods, general manufacturing, fashion/apparel, food and beverage, and fresh goods.

A core component of the Atlas Planning Suite, the provider said, is the Demand Management Engine. According to John Galt, the Engine improves supply chain visibility and becomes better able to manage gaps between actual and planned customer demand.

Since its launch early this year, John Galt said interest in the Atlas Planning Suite has increased. "With our Walk, Drive, Fly methodology, clients can progress at their own pace, depending on their business needs. Our Atlas Planning Suite is ideal for those organizations ready to take their demand planning to the next level, such as incorporating partner data and collaborating in real time across the enterprise."