Solution Offers Early Warning of Supply Chain Performance Problems

SeeChain 5.0 pinpoints demand, inventory and forecasting exceptions in point-of-sale and RFID data, according to provider

SeeChain 5.0 pinpoints demand, inventory and forecasting exceptions in point-of-sale and RFID data, according to provider

Chicago — May 5, 2004 — Performance management solutions company SeeCommerce today announced SeeChain 5.0, which allows businesses to be alerted to supply chain performance exceptions that would otherwise remain buried in the data generated by point of sale (POS) and radio frequency identification (RFID) systems, according to the provider.

Additionally, SeeCommerce said the solution speeds up supply chain problem root cause analysis and resolution with new visualization and collaboration capabilities.

The company also said the solution prevents out-of-stocks by allowing retailers to constantly monitor key performance indicators (KPI), including shelf level in-stock percentage, forecast accuracy and supplier performance. For example, when a promotional item's "sell-through" measure materially lags or exceeds forecast, SeeChain automatically notifies all decision makers in the supply chain (retailer and suppliers). In addition, the SeeChain notification provides links to root cause data from operational systems so appropriate corrective actions can be taken as soon as changes in performance occur.

To anticipate and take action on unexpected fluctuations in store and item inventory and demand levels, SeeChain 5.0 offers a data analysis and correlation engine that can process twice as much data per second compared to SeeChain 4.5. The company said this capability enables retailers to identify key store-level patterns from vast POS and RFID data warehouses, prioritize appropriate action plans, and more effectively react to problems and opportunities.

SeeChain also automatically alerts managers when pre-defined performance thresholds are violated, and provides links to root cause data that enables managers to address impending shortages or overstock conditions before they can negatively impact business performance.

To accelerate root cause analysis and problem resolution, SeeChain 5.0 combines performance alerts with a visual representation of the company's internal and external supply chain hierarchy. SeeCommerce said the capability enables managers to assess and resolve performance issues by viewing alert details and accessing underlying operational data from the same Web browser window.

In addition, SeeChain allows performance alert details — along with dynamic links to the supply chain hierarchy view — to be forwarded directly to authorized users both inside and outside the company via HTML e-mail.