Toll Brothers Inc. Selects Software to Help Meet Critical Delivery Dates

Luxury-home builder identifies advanced planning and scheduling as top strategy

Luxury-home builder identifies advanced planning and scheduling as top strategy

Kitchener-Waterloo, Ontario — May 13, 2004 — Toll Brothers Inc. of Philadelphia, Pa., has selected the RSS Advanced Planning and Scheduling (APS) software to efficiently schedule and manage the manufacturing of its unique luxury new home components.

Toll Brothers is an award-winning builder of luxury single-family, attached home communities and master-planned luxury golf course communities. According to the company, one key component of its diverse operations is its house component assembly and manufacturing operation. New home components, including walls, doors, windows and roofs, are constructed in a manufacturing facility then shipped to the job site, giving the company the ability to improve the quality of its custom home components and reduce the overall time required for building.

Challenges, however, include the custom nature of each job and ever-changing delivery dates. To improve the planning, scheduling and management of its component manufacturing operation, Toll Brothers turned to RSS Solutions.

The builder said the RSS software will be used to schedule and manage the manufacturing of new home components, improving on-time deliveries in spite of schedule volatility common in new home construction. In addition, the software will be used to factor current capacity and planned production in order to help Toll Brothers improve the accuracy of their delivery estimates. The software will be used to model shop floor operations, helping Toll Brothers find ways to increase throughput and, consequently, capacity.

According to Charlie Balko, production manager at Toll Brothers, said, "We chose the RSS Solution because of its ability to integrate with our existing custom host, as well as their ability to migrate with us when we move to a new host system next year. We believe the RSS system will give us significant short-term gains, as well as meeting our future needs."

"One of the key features of the RSS solution is its ability to schedule and manage build-to-order custom jobs effectively," said Michael Cox, president of RSS Solutions Inc. "With our "what-if" scenario's, Toll Brothers can immediately evaluate the impact of parts shortages, bad weather and other construction slowdowns, and manage their schedule to meet their delivery commitments in spite of these challenges."