Environmental Systems Products Holdings Integrates Supply Chain

Links financials, supply chain, manufacturing, CRM and enterprise portal to support business growth

Links financials, supply chain, manufacturing, CRM and enterprise portal to support business growth

Chicago — May 27, 2004 — Technology Solutions Co. (TSC), a technology consulting and systems integration firm, today announced that it has completed a PeopleSoft implementation that integrated financial, manufacturing, supply chain and customer services functions for Environmental Systems Products Holdings Inc. (ESP).

The primary goal of the implementation project, according to TSC, was to replace existing systems with a suite of applications that could enhance customer support and manage business growth at ESP, which is a leader in vehicle emissions and safety testing.

Al Jones, ESP's Manager of Business Solutions, said his company pursued a software solution that would help it identify and capture the increasing number of business opportunities in the marketplace.

"We were looking for an information system that would streamline, integrate and add flexibility to the organization," he explained. "As a result of this implementation, we have upgraded the company's maintenance, reporting and inquiry capabilities; given senior managers the tools they need to drive corporate growth; and enhanced customer relations with quicker, more effective service," continued Jones.

ESP selected PeopleSoft to provide an integrated financial, supply chain, manufacturing, customer relationship management (CRM), and portal solution. TSC was chosen to provide implementation, change management and training services.

ESP said it anticipated that the implementation would result in a replacement of multiple legacy systems with a consolidated platform, reduced duplicative effort, better reporting tools and improved business processes.

"The teamwork of ESP and TSC was critical to the project," said Jones. "Their understanding of the application and our business objectives helped ensure that we would meet our goals of integrating activities across our organization."