Cleo Offers EDIINT Solution for SMEs

Internet EDI server extends secure document transfer capabilities for small, midsize enterprises

Internet EDI server extends secure document transfer capabilities for small, midsize enterprises

Rockford, IL — June 17, 2004 — B2B connectivity specialist Cleo Communications has rolled out a solution to manage the secure electronic transfer of business documents to and from trading community partners over the Internet, through value-added networks (VANs) or over other specialized TCP/IP connections.

Cleo says that its VersaLex Trader (VLTrader) solution, targeted at small and midsize enterprises (SMEs), uses Internet electronic date interchange (EDIINT) technology to combine the secure core communications functionality of AS2, FTP/S and HTTP/S with communication network configuration and management tools essential to the efficient handling of hundreds to thousands of trading partners and customers.

"Many companies think they have to be big to secure the operational advantages and cost savings of Internet-based EDI communications," said James Boswell, vice president of sales and marketing for Cleo. "Some, interested in networking with a number of trading partners, or managing EDI data for small companies, might expect an EDIINT communications server to cost six figures. That's all changed with VLTrader."

VLTrader features a graphical user interface that combines network communications, trading partner operations and integration services. At the core of network services is VersaLex, an EDIINT technology that delivers "eBusinessReady certified" secure AS2 communications as well as FTP, HTTP, FTP/S and HTTP/S, according to Cleo.

In addition to EDI formatted files, VLTrader supports the secure transmission and receipt of X12 and EDIFACT EDI, XML, plain text and binary files. The solution features an integrated scheduler, email alerts, redundant backup options and enhanced security via VLProxy, the solution provider said.

VLTrader's trading partner services include configuration, management, integration and communications process controls. VLTrader integrates with EDI translators, offers customizable data transfer reports, supports JDBC connectivity for writing to external databases and integrates with third party applications via pre- and post-processing scripts. A range of support options are available, including onsite installation and training, along with 24/7 support.

"VLTrader helps SME businesses achieve a comprehensive, scalable business communications strategy," said Boswell, adding that the new Cleo solution essentially turned the traditional "EDI hub and spoke" network into a user-centric transaction delivery system, both upstream and downstream in the supply chain.

For more information on solutions for mid-market enterprises, see "Stuck in the Middle" in the April/May 2004 issue of Supply & Demand Chain Executive.