Improving Sales Quote Process and Customer Self-Service Capabilities at EFJohnson

Wireless communications system company adds modules to deployment

Wireless communications system company adds modules to deployment

El Segundo, CA — August 5, 2004 — Wireless communications systems provider EFJohnson has purchased Configurator and Customer Self-Service modules in a bid to improve its customer service capabilities by more effectively creating accurate sales quotes and orders for configured items and by increasing customer satisfaction through the Internet.

EFJohnson, a Glovia customer since 1992, provides interoperable wireless communications systems solutions for federal, state and local agencies involved with homeland security and public safety. The company relies on to manage virtually every area of its business, from taking the customer request or order to design, manufacturing and fulfillment through to installation, service and support.

Over the years, the modular design of has enabled EFJohnson to add new functionality and adapt to changes in their business processes. With the purchase of Configurator (formerly eConfigure), a rules-based configuration engine, EFJohnson sales representatives and customers will have the ability to generate customizable sales quotes and sales orders for the company's highly complex communication products.

Glovia said that Configurator should help increase EFJohnson's responsiveness by compressing the quote-to-delivery cycle times for the company's highly customized products and ensure that accurate product specifications and pricing information are captured the first time. Configurator also validates that the configured product can actually be manufactured so customers will have all the information they need to make purchasing decisions quickly.

Once implemented, Customer Self-Service (formerly eOrder, eQuote, and eStatus) will enable EFJohnson to provide its customers with 24/7 access to sales quote, sales order and order status functionality and information via the Internet, according to Glovia. EFJohnson customers will have access to information regarding their orders, eliminating the need to wait for a response from a sales or customer service representative. Customer Self-Service will also record, maintain and track sales quote information, as well as automate complex products and services pricing.

"Our recent purchases will enable a field sales or service representative to work with a customer to configure an order and provide a quote on the spot as well as track the quotes in a central repository, which we currently do not do," said Michael Jalbert, chairman and CEO of EFJohnson parent company EFJ Inc.. "In addition, our customers will have the ability to configure a product and place a sales or service order over the Internet, thus improving our customer service and operational responsiveness."

Both Configurator and Customer Self-Service are integrated with other applications to generate and transfer configured product structure, pricing and routing for planning and execution, the solution provider said. This will enable EFJohnson to convert sales quotes to sales orders, create master customer records automatically when prospects convert sales quotes to sales orders, populate forms with information from customer master files automatically to save time and eliminate data entry errors, and support complex scheduling and delivery processes.

"As a long time customer, EFJohnson has continually expanded their use of to enable better management and operation of their business processes," said Yuji Nakasu, president and CEO of Glovia International. "Their recent investment will enable them to more effectively and rapidly customize their complex products to their customers' specifications leading to reduced sales costs, shortened sales cycle times, increased order accuracy and better customer service."