INSIGHT Touts Penetration in Food Processing Industry

Supply chain planning specialist claims nine of top 10 companies in sector

Supply chain planning specialist claims nine of top 10 companies in sector

ssas, VA — September 30, 2004 — INSIGHT, a provider of supply chain planning solutions, is touting its success in the food processing industry, pointing to top companies in this sector that use the provider's strategic supply chain planning software.

Today the issues facing this highly competitive industry include shifts in consumers' eating habits, commodity price fluctuations, and ongoing mergers, acquisitions, or divestitures. Nine of the top 10 companies in the food processing industry are using INSIGHT's SAILS 21 solution to help deal with these challenges, the provider said.

Using SAILS, INSIGHT's flagship supply chain optimization software, companies can work to improve customer service levels, decrease cycle times and lower logistics costs by optimizing the location and quantity of raw material suppliers, manufacturing sites, distribution facilities and inventory assets, and through optimized transportation procurement.

"Customer demand for shorter cycle times, specialized packaging, demand fulfillment, delivery requirements, mass customization and global operations create a growing need for assessment and re-optimization of supply chains at a corporate level," said Robert J. (Bob) Belshaw, chief operating officer of INSIGHT. "SAILS 21 is unique in building best models of real-world supply chains and delivering the optimum answer, even in the most complex situations."

INSIGHT said that top industry firms make regular assessments of their supply chain using a dedicated in-house team and often with project assistance from INSIGHT. In addition, these corporations use their team to monitor implementation of the supply chain design and for follow-on efforts, which may include tactical projects, such as post-optimization inventory analysis, multi-time-period analysis, or transportation procurement.

INSIGHT's clients in various sectors include such companies as Abbott Laboratories, BASF, Clorox, ExxonMobil, Levi Strauss and Perrier.