Zycus Releases Auto-classification, Data Enrichment Software

Providers spend data management suite upgrades for faster processing

Providers spend data management suite upgrades for faster processing

Princeton, NJ — October 21, 2004 — Spend data management (SDM) software provider Zycus Inc. has announced a new release of products in SDM suite 2.5. The new module is part of other enhancements to the classification product AutoClass for sourcing and procurement data quality.

AutoClass 2.5, an artificial intelligence-based classification software engine, has been upgraded for faster processing (throughput) and higher quality, according to Zycus. It is now able to handle both item description and supplier names, and can be used in combination with the new tool AutoSpec for automated item attribute extraction and enrichment.

"The solutions that can be built around Zycus SDM software are multiple," commented Aatish Dedhia, CEO of Zycus Inc.

According to Zycus, more companies are looking for products to help improve classification and data enrichment capabilities on their business data-warehouses. Having invested in consulting services, mature organizations are now ready to leverage their enterprise resource planning (ERP) systems and such IT infrastructure as data warehouses (DW), to garner sourcing and procurement insight.

"All that these customers need is good data," stated Sandip Maiti, vice president of Marketing at Zycus. "We have designed the new AutoClass 2.5 to plug in to any existing DW and handle bulk classification of transaction data that has been extracted and loaded from multiple legacy and ERP systems across the enterprise. We now also make available a host of integration APIs and custom built business adapters."

Zycus SDM 2.5 is available for shipment end of October 2004.