Adding Modeling, Simulation Functionality to BPM

Metastorm incorporates iGrafx technology into business process management solution for predictive analysis capabilities

Metastorm incorporates iGrafx technology into business process management solution for predictive analysis capabilities

Columbia, MD  October 28, 2004  Business process management (BPM) specialist Metastorm has completed its full "roundtrip" business process management platform suite strategy with the introduction of an advanced process modeling and simulation capability for Metastorm e-Work, the solution provider announced today.

For the suite, Metastorm has partnered with iGrafx, a provider of business process analysis solutions, to embed the iGrafx Process software into its e-Work BPM software suite to deliver advanced modeling and simulation capabilities to its customer base.

Metastorm said it would embed the iGrafx technology directly into its new modeling and simulation module, called e-Work Envision, which will provide customers with forecasting and predictive analysis capabilities that will allow users to both model new processes as well as simulate the impact of changes to existing processes.

e-Work Envision also is integrated with the rest of Metastorm's BPM suite, which designs, automates, monitors and analyzes critical processes. With the addition of e-Work Envision to the software suite, both the real-time and trend-based data on live processes that are already collected by Metastorm e-Work will become directly visible to a set of modeling and simulation capabilities powered by iGrafx. This gives users the foundation they need to accurately forecast and predict the impact of process changes on the business, according to the solution provider.

In addition, any aspect of a process can be analyzed and modeled, including process flow, roles, services, business rules, integration points and so on. "The software supports true, real-time continuous process improvement by allowing users to immediately apply modeled process changes with no system downtime," Metastorm said in a statement.

Metastorm also asserted that e-Work is unique in its ability to capture time-phased data and support trend analysis on live processes. These data, when fed into e-Work Envision, will allow business and IT analysts to forecast future process performance based on actual historical results and estimates of future market conditions. Processes can then be adapted to optimize future business performance.

"With the face of BPM changing and our customers looking for new ways to further increase their return on investment from Metastorm e-Work, we are confident the iGrafx technology will extend our BPM platform suite to deliver unsurpassed business process analysis capabilities," said Eileen Garry, chief marketing officer for Metastorm.

For more information on solutions for business process management, see "BPM Rising," the Net Best Thing column in the October/November 2002 issue ofiSource Business (now Supply & Demand Chain Executive) magazine.