Digital Harbor Announces New Version of PiiE

Composite application platform PiiE 4.5 adds new dashboarding, semantic Web services and EII features

Composite application platform PiiE 4.5 adds new dashboarding, semantic Web services and EII features

Reston, VA — November 9, 2004 — Digital Harbor, a provider of software for composite applications, today introduced the newest version of its PiiE platform.

Designed for end-users in government and commercial enterprises, PiiE 4.5 links existing information from different sources into a single hybrid application so users can form a complete picture of a situation.

According to Digital Harbor, an increasing number of people in mainstream enterprises are knowledge workers, or people who need ready access to information to make informed decisions. And as the number of applications and the amount of data grows, the need for business people to easily "connect the dots" also grows, hence the upgrade to PiiE, the provider said.

To help organizations connect the dots, PiiE 4.5 has new dashboarding, semantic Web services, and enterprise information integration (EII) features for knowledge workers in financial, energy, transportation and healthcare to perform cross-functional tasks like compliance, case management, cross-selling, logistics and incident management.

Government agencies such as the Department of Defense can use PiiE 4.5 to address multi-dimensional problems like horizontal fusion, network-centric warfare, and threat analysis and response, according to Digital Harbor.

"Today's managers have so many applications and so much information that their primary challenge is to link many pieces of information together to get a complete picture of the situation. The features in this release place the power of information linking in the hands of the user," said Rohit Agarwal, Digital Harbor's president and CEO.

Agarwal said the combination in PiiE 4.5 of dashboarding and analysis capabilities with semantics, ontologies and EII means that users can link information contained in enterprise resource planning (ERP) applications with Web services, extensible markup language (XML) documents, JMS messages and business processes, as well as data in custom-developed financial applications.

In addition, the release includes new security capabilities to pass authorization and network configurations required by the U.S. military (such as logging into multiple external databases using different credentials), centralized management of reusable resources, extensibility via customizable menus and logic, and support for complex data types.