Streamlining the Sourcing Process for Custom Manufactured Components

New service from MfgQuote designed to let OEMs' buyers, engineers collaborate while sourcing

New service from MfgQuote designed to let OEMs' buyers, engineers collaborate while sourcing

Atlanta — November 10, 2004 — MfgQuote, a solution provider targeting the manufacturing sector, this week rolled out a new service intended to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) improve their processes for sourcing custom components.

MfgQuote is a privately-held Atlanta company that operates the MfgQuote Network, which provides an online sourcing system for custom manufacturing services and matches buyer requirements with suppliers' expertise, credentials and capacity.

The provider's new service, dubbed MfgQuote CS, comprises a suite of online tools designed to streamline the sourcing process, enable collaboration and leverage supply chain management for OEMs that have multiple buyers and engineers involved in the sourcing process. The service is a Web-based application hosted and managed by

According to the solution provider, MfgQuote CS allows buyers, engineers and purchasing professionals to collaboratively source while simultaneously performing automated supplier discovery within the MfgQuote Network. Buyers can distribute requests for quotes, collaborate internally as well as with suppliers, manage supplier data and perform advanced sourcing analytics at an individual, group or commodity level, MfgQuote said.

"Our new MfgQuote CS service is a natural extension of the MfgQuote service," said Mitch Free, CEO and president of MfgQuote. "Many OEMs have multiple employees using MfgQuote, and the CS service links them together, allowing for collaborative sourcing."

Free asserted that MfgQuote CS is the only online system that offers OEMs collaborative sourcing technology combined with a network of more than 1,200 qualified suppliers.

Beta testing of MfgQuote CS is now being conducted by a number of organizations from a variety of industry segments, with the official launch of the new service scheduled for January 2005, the solution provider said.