New Hampshire Takes Sober Approach to Tracking Liquor Inventory

State commission replaces legacy laser-scanning technology with image-based data collection mobile computers from Hand Held Products

State commission replaces legacy laser-scanning technology with image-based data collection mobile computers from Hand Held Products

Skaneateles Falls, NY — November 12, 2004 — The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission (NHSLC) will use a solution from Hand Held Products as part of an initiative to improve its inventory tracking by reducing inventory process time by 50 percent while preventing human error during the inventory process.

The commission will use Hand Held's Dolphin 9500 mobile computers, customized by integrator Data Capture Solutions, for taking in-store inventory and to track over 36 million bottles of alcohol annually at 74 stores state-wide.

The 220 units will replace the commission's 16-year-old bar code laser scanning devices with Hand Held Products Adaptus Imaging Technology. Adaptus Imaging Technology delivers the basic bar code reading functionality of outdated laser technology while providing more advanced reading and image capture capabilities. The Dolphin mobile computers will also digitally record all arriving shipments of alcohol.

"These state-of-the-art Dolphin mobile computers will allow our employees to quickly perform store inventories, saving state revenue that will be recycled into New Hampshire's general fund," said Peter Engel, director of store operations for the NHSLC. "The bar code scanners that were used in the past not only became obsolete but required constant upkeep and maintenance."

The NHSLC selected the Dolphin mobile platform following a competitive bid process, which included 30 vendors. Data Capture Solutions worked with Hand Held Products to provide the NHSLC with the solution that the commission ultimately selected to modernize the state's liquor inventory program.

"The commission sent out an RFP that was very clear in it's objective — to replace its legacy laser scanning devices with a digital image-based offering," said Joe Teixeira, CEO of Data Capture Solutions. "Ultimately, the Dolphin mobile computers coupled with Data Capture Solutions' customization services will provide the NHSLC with the most effective 'future-proof' application."

The NHSLC will require the use of the Dolphin 9500 for quarterly inventories at each of the 74 stores under the Commission's regulations. Employees will also be trained to use the mobile computer for weekly spot inspections as well as confirming with corporate advertisers that store displays have been constructed correctly.

"By utilizing digital imaging, we have the luxury to track packages with damage, a task that would prove impossible with laser scanning," Engel added. "In the future, we plan to use this solution to document broken and damaged goods with pictures."

Other organizations using Hand Held's Adaptus Imaging Technology include the United States Postal Service, Department of Defense and FedEx, among others.

The New Hampshire State Liquor Commission regulates the sale of alcohol in the state of New Hampshire. New Hampshire is one of 18 control states in the nation where the government directly controls the distribution of alcoholic beverages as well as being responsible for the regulation of alcoholic beverages. The commission is an important source of revenue for the state, contributing more than $100 million to the general fund each year.