Vykor Beefs up Global Production Format

Adds support for new turning operations to sourcing solution for engineered parts, debuts Cutting Conditions Rate Service

Adds support for new turning operations to sourcing solution for engineered parts, debuts Cutting Conditions Rate Service

Renton, WA  September 15, 2003  Vykor, a provider of strategic sourcing solutions for engineered parts, today announced the expansion of its Global Production Format (GPF), adding features to support turning operations and to leverage a new manufacturing knowledge base called the Cutting Conditions Rate Service.

Vykor's Velocity suite and the supporting technology provide the foundation of the provider's sourcing solution, which is designed to help companies eliminate cost inefficiencies in the production of engineered, machined parts and tooling.

The solution is intended to help original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) identify the most efficient production process for each engineered part, allowing sourcing and procurement specialists to better identify suppliers capable of producing a particular part and to work with the company's suppliers to reduce the cost of manufacturing parts.

Vykor's Global Production Format is the digital manufacturing recipe for capturing, implementing and transporting the complete production strategy for engineered parts. The new GPF is immediately available with today's simultaneous release of GPF Advisor 3.1 and GPF Viewer 3.1.

The solution provider said that its Global Production Format could help companies plan and review the best manufacturing strategy before production to ensure the fastest machine times and highest quality for each part. The GPF can also allow companies to promote the latest techniques and most productive technology throughout the manufacturing base, and, as the work statement for a part moves throughout the supply base, ensure that the knowledge of the optimal manufacturing strategy moves with it.

The latest version of the Global Production Format supports turning features and actions in its catalog of milling, turning and drilling operations with the addition of rough and finish turning, grooving and threading on a turned profile, as well as drilling, boring, reaming and tapping holes created on lathes and turning centers.

In addition, with this release, Vykor is introducing a new application service to its Velocity suite, the Cutting Conditions Rate Service. This application service ties proprietary algorithms together with machine and cutting tool content to produce optimal feeds and speeds rates for specific cutting tools used with specific material on a supplier-identified machine. Content from Vykor's strategic partners will be used by this service to ensure accurate and updated cutting tool and machine information.

Finally, Vykor said it has made GPFs easier to create, distribute and implement with the introduction of GPF Advisor 3.1 and GPF Viewer 3.1. GPF Advisor is a manufacturing strategy creation tool for capturing and leveraging the digital manufacturing recipe for engineered parts. This client-side software automates Vykor's methodology by capturing manufacturing features, cutting strategies and the machining environment in a GPF file.

The GPF Viewer distributes and displays each GPF and its manufacturing expertise throughout the supply base. This free application enables manufacturing engineers to implement the optimal production process for each part, Vykor said. Configurable reports and English-to-Metric measurement conversions help ensure that the GPF Viewer is easy to learn and use, according to the solution provider.

For a look at how one manufacturer used Vykor's solution to uncover process-based cost savings, read the article "Striking Gold with SRM" in the April/May 2003 issue of iSource Business.