New Sell-side Solution Promises Help in Distinguishing "Good," "Bad" Deals

Zilliant expands footprint with application to help salespeople make better judgments in heat of negotiation cycle

Zilliant expands footprint with application to help salespeople make better judgments in heat of negotiation cycle

Austin, TX — December 1, 2004 — Strategic pricing applications specialist Zilliant has rolled out its new Zilliant Pricing Suite (ZPS) Deal Manager application, designed to help companies make better decisions on what distinguishes a "good deal" from a "bad deal" in the pricing process.

An extension of the Zilliant product footprint, the ZPS Deal Manager includes features for deal quoting, deal review, workflow, deal analysis, deal scoring and price and discounting policy enforcement. By leveraging a company's key performance indicators (KPIs) to score deals, the ZPS Deal Manager allows salespeople to make better judgments in the heat of the negotiation cycle, according to the solution provider.

With its routing capability, deals can be sent to the appropriate decision makers for approval and can be coupled with all the necessary analytics and business intelligence needed when considering price or term concessions, and the net result is more profitable transactions that are supportive of the business's objectives, Zilliant said.

"Zilliant's new ZPS Deal Manager helps companies make smarter price terms and discounting decisions before a deal is locked in," said Greg Peters, CEO of Zilliant. "Our customers asked us to develop a price execution capability and we view this addition to our product suite as critical for an end-to-end pricing solution. Companies should make pricing a core competency in their business — it's not in most cases, and we can help change that."

Rebecca Wettemann, vice president of research for return-on-investment (ROI) consulting firm Nucleus Research, said: "Zilliant has extended its product to cover another important area of pricing that will enable businesses to do better deals and reduce the number of bad transactions that erode profitability. This will provide even stronger ROI numbers for customers and can potentially speed the time-to-value for pricing system implementations. Helping companies 'stop the bad deals' has value that can be measured almost immediately."

The ZPS Deal Manager provides information to decision makers such as price indexing, scorecards, estimated contribution, comparison against similar deals and other metrics to determine the "right price." This new product is part of Zilliant's "Three Pillars of Pricing" philosophy that covers the range of pricing challenges in business today: analytics, execution and modeling.

"Zilliant's new Deal Manager Application rounds out its pricing suite and gives the company an offering in each of the three areas of pricing systems: pricing optimization, pricing execution and pricing analysis," said Kosin Huang, director of research at Yankee Group. "Customers now have several starting points with Zilliant, as well as a road map to the full range of solutions that we see as important to innovative companies. This move reinforces Yankee Group's belief that pricing is becoming a more sought-after application area."

Built to work with a wide range of agreement and contract types, as well as handle transaction and pricing exceptions, the Deal Manager works hand-in-hand with the other ZPS applications to further optimize pricing, Zilliant said.