Catalyst, Babush Open New Facility to Test Products for RFID Compliance

Star Alliance Center lets users test and assess their radio frequency identification options

Star Alliance Center lets users test and assess their radio frequency identification options

Milwaukee, WI — December 2, 2004 — Catalyst International, a global provider of supply chain execution (SCE) solutions, and Babush Material Handling Systems, an integrator of material handling equipment and control systems, will have an RFID Day open house on December 7 at the new Star Alliance Center, a facility for evaluating radio frequency identification solutions in a real-world environment.

The Center is designed to give companies a better understanding of what they must do to comply with the Electronic Product Code (EPC) RFID standards mandated by Wal-Mart, the Department of Defense and others, some of which will go into effect in January 2005. This full-scale operation with multiple integration points is designed to help companies take their RFID capabilities beyond compliance and achieve additional benefits in customer service and operational efficiency, according to the providers.

The 3,200 square-foot facility in Sussex, Wisc., features an automated, end-to-end product processing system that lets companies test and assess how various RFID solutions will interact with supply chain/enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, material handling equipment, and control technology. Products move from packaging and RFID tagging to label printing and palletization at run rates of up to 600 feet/minute.

The providers said The Center's RFID Day is open to anyone interested in learning more about RFID challenges and opportunities. It will feature demonstrations at three integration stations — Packaging and RFID Tagging, the RFID Conveyor Portal, and the RFID Pallet Portal. In addition, customer representatives and Star Alliance Center partners will make presentations on RFID compliance issues, smart labels, conveyor integration and palletizing.