Intentia Launches Movex 2004.2

Solutions provider updates app with new functionality for fashion and food customers

Solutions provider updates app with new functionality for fashion and food customers

Stockholm — December 3, 2004 — Intentia International AB, a global enterprise solutions provider for the manufacturing, distribution and maintenance industries, has launched Movex 2004.2, a new version of its flagship Movex Java product set.

Intentia said the upgraded solution can be more easily installed, has reduced maintenance costs and total cost of ownership (TCO), as well as new features for the food and fashion industries that calculate aging in food.

Industry analysts estimate that mid-size organizations spend up to 80 percent of their IT budgets on maintenance. Movex 2004.2 is intended to help customers reduce this cost while providing best practices on how they can use IT to serve their business more intelligently, Intentia said.

Intentia products are 90 percent configured to fit our customers businesses, allowing them to customize the remaining 10 percent to their specific processes and changing demands, said Henrik Billgren, head of Intentia Research and Development.

As part of the new application release, the Movex Environment Manager (MEM) now automates the installation of Movex Java. MEM also brings a new approach to managing and recording the process of modifications and changes, reducing the physical time and administrative costs needed to maintain the system.

The new release also includes a streamlined version of the Movex Adaptation Kit (MAK), named MAK1.1. Customers can use the developer kit to carry out modifications without outside help. MAK LITE is also available for Intentia Java customers that typically undertake modifications in areas that change frequently, such as screens, messages, languages and help services.

In addition, Movex 2004.2 includes new margin calculation and workflow functionality for the fashion industry in Movex Demand Planner (DMP), and enhanced aging functionality for the food and beverage industry in Movex Yield Optimizer (YOP).

The new DMP margin calculation functionality is aimed primarily at fashion retailers and manufacturers. Intentia claimed that it eliminates up to 50 percent of the time normally needed to calculate sales prices by using pre-defined margins over cost figures, while simplifying the process of statistical based forecasting to improve workflow functionality.