Sterling Commerce Dishes up Integration Suite for Michael Foods

Food processor, distributor selects solution to meet customers' communication needs with emerging technology standards

Food processor, distributor selects solution to meet customers' communication needs with emerging technology standards

Columbus, OH — October 16, 2003 — Michael Foods, Inc., a diversified food processor and distributor, has selected Sterling Commerce's Gentran Integration Suite to conduct business electronically with Wal-Mart and Winn Dixie while leveraging its existing systems and established business processes.

According to Sterling, Gentran Integration Suite is a modular software suite designed to provide businesses with an integration platform that can be deployed for B2B and internal integration requirements.

"In our current B2B electronic processes, we are ingrained with Gentran:Server, a solution that allows us to communicate electronic business documents with a diverse trading partner community," said Laura McCarthy, Information Technology senior systems analyst, Michael Foods. "However, recently some of our large customers required us to meet their communication needs with emerging technology standards."

With Gentran Integration Suite, Michael Foods said it has the flexibility to incorporate existing systems and technology with new integration standards, including Web services, ebXML, business process modeling language (BPML), and Internet security protocols. In addition, Gentran Integration Suite supports such application and technology adapters as SAP, PeopleSoft, Seibel, MQSeries, Oracle AQ and Java Messaging Services.

"By bolting on Gentran Integration Suite to our existing Gentran:Server translator, we continued to use the maps and business rules that were established with our customers, and so we saw no disruption in our day-to-day operations," explained McCarthy. Michael Foods currently connects with 150 customers via electronic data interchange and hopes to expand the number of customers and types of documents that can be exchanged through its use of Gentran Integration Suite.

"We're seeing a need for manufacturers across the CPG industry to roll out technology that enables them to meet customer and market requirements," said Sam Starr, president and CEO, Sterling Commerce. "With the rapid pace of this conversion, it's important for them to find a solution that will not only meet their needs today, but also for tomorrow's business challenges."

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