Inovis Debuts Solution for Trading Partner Management

BizManager 3.0 offers B2B transformation and connectivity capabilities, supporting AS2, ebXML

BizManager 3.0 offers B2B transformation and connectivity capabilities, supporting AS2, ebXML

Atlanta — December 10, 2004 — B2B connectivity specialist Inovis has released the latest version of its business-to-business gateway for trading partner and business community integration, providing support for electronic trading connectivity protocols like Applicability Statement 2 (AS2) and Electronic Business XML (ebXML).

With the support for the connectivity protocols, version 3.0 of BizManager now provides a B2B gateway that combines connectivity and transformation services in a single solution, Inovis said.

"BizManager 3.0 enables companies to reduce network costs through platform consolidation, decrease business cycle times through real-time [electronic data interchange (EDI)] and more effectively respond to changing business demands with traditional and next-generation protocol and format support," the solution provider said in announcing the new version.

Inovis said that BizManager 3.0 enables companies to support each step of the communication supply chain, from transforming extracted data from a company's enterprise resource planning (ERP) software, to sending the data messages to trading partners using AS2, ebXML and other connectivity protocols.

Inovis Mapper and BizManager Transformation Services have been integrated with the solution to eliminate the need for additional transformation software, lowering network costs and streamlining operations, Inovis said.

Mapper offers wizard-based and drag-and-drop mapping functionality designed to let users create both standard and special maps for translating and routing messages throughout the supply chain and internally. The mapping component is critical to the communication process, providing the directions for each data message passing through the BizManager gateway, according to the solution provider.

In addition, embedded Transformation Services are intended to facilitate the translation of sent or received data documents within the real-time trading community. Transformation Services provides support for a variety of data formats, including EDI, XML, database-to-database, comma separated values (CSV), flat files and binary attachment support, Inovis said.

"Many companies employ multiple software solutions to facilitate different steps of the communication process between trading partners, resulting in costly network infrastructure fees and lengthy transaction cycles," said Mike Croxton, Inovis' senior vice president of marketing. "Inovis simplifies trading partner management by providing a single gateway solution with the flexibility to support each step of the communication supply chain, ultimately reducing the overhead costs associated with employing multiple solutions."

BizManager 3.0 will be generally available on December 17.