Volvo Logistics Revs Up New Inbound Logistics System

Hopes to unify global automotive supply chain with new software from G-Log

Hopes to unify global automotive supply chain with new software from G-Log

Shelton, CN — October 27, 2003 — Volvo Logistics Corp., a wholly-owned subsidiary of AB Volvo, has selected global logistics and transportation software provider's G-Log Global Command and Control Center (GC3) software for its new inbound logistics system, ATLAS — Advanced Transport Logistics for Automotive Supply.

Volvo Logistics said the ATLAS system would provide a single information base where all its customers, suppliers and transportation partners can access the system via the Internet and have up-to-the-minute data about all material flows worldwide. Phase one of the three-phase Volvo Logistics project will go live during the spring of 2004.

The GC3-powered ATLAS system will support the Volvo Logistics network, which spans more than 50 countries, 35 assembly plants and 3,500 suppliers worldwide, according to the logistics systems provider.

Volvo Logistics manages inbound (material supply), outbound (distribution), and emballage (packaging materials) in support of its customers' ultimate goal of build-to-order production on a large scale. Volvo Logistics provides services for the Volvo Group, including Volvo Truck, Volvo Buses, Volvo Construction Equipment, Volvo Aero, and Volvo Penta, across Europe, North and South America, and Asia. It also provides services for Volvo Car Corporation and Ford Motor Co.

"G-Log has not only provided us with state-of-the-art technology, it has also given us a foundation for a new way of operating our business much more efficiently," said Peter Andell, vice president of inbound business and logistics development, Volvo Logistics. "The power to share information across our global logistics network is almost immeasurable. We will now be able to foresee potential logistics bottlenecks and take proactive measures to avoid delays. Through such global collaboration, we will reduce inventory and transportation costs, improve operational efficiencies, and ensure just-in-time deliveries."

"Global manufacturing has driven the need for global suppliers; and the proliferation of global suppliers has, in turn, accelerated the need for global logistics solutions like GC3," said David Cairns, CEO, G-Log. "We are delighted to assist Volvo Logistics as it transforms its inbound logistics business."