Seicomart selects Aldata to Optimize Replenishment and Procurement

Japanese convenience store group has more than 1,000 stores and seven distribution centers

London—Sept. 6, 2011—Seicomart, a Japanese convenience store group, has selected Aldata Solution as the foundation for efficiency and planned growth by integrating and optimizing its replenishment and procurement processes from head office through warehouse to store.

Seicomart is a Japanese convenience store group with over 1,000 stores served by 7 distribution centers predominantly in the Northern Island of Hokkaido. Established in 1971, the group provides fresh and healthy food at reasonable prices, while driving innovation and growth at an employee, project and group level. Seicomart will be deploying Aldata Replenishment for inventory forecasting and management as well as Aldata Procurement for supplier management and buying enabling the group to have real-time visibility and control across its retail operations.

“Our group approach is based on innovation and trust, and this extends to our choice of suppliers and technology,” said Hideki Tsutsumi, Director Distribution Control, Seico Fresh Foods, wholesale and distribution arm for Seicomart. “Efficient management of inventory is the backbone of any retail operation and consequently Aldata – with its proven history - demonstrated that they could support our business innovatively and effectively.”

With Aldata, Seicomart will increase efficiency and productivity across the business by automating many of the processes within store and warehouse replenishment.

“Convenience stores are the lifeblood of food and drink retail in Japan, but face significant challenges,” continued Tsutsumi. “Long store hour opening, small store sizes with limited storage, diverse product ranges and high product turnover, require replenishment and procurement systems that are extremely efficient and are capable of proactively supporting our business model. Aldata’s solutions will provide exactly that, reducing the amount of staff time on routine tasks and increasing staff time with our customers.”

“Automation of warehouse and store replenishment processes not only saves time, but also results in optimal product stock levels to meet consumer demand,” said Allan Davies, CMO & EVP Optimization Aldata. “By gaining a 360 degree view on inventory and procurement, Seicomart can ensure its distribution centers and stores hold the right levels of goods, relying on technology trusted by many of the largest brands in the world, allowing them to focus on continuing to drive innovation.”