Study Helps Procurement Organizations Chart Their Evolution

New Hackett capability survey aims to let Procurement executives identify obstacles to delivering value

New York — September 22, 2008 — The Hackett Group has launched a Procurement Value Evolution and Capabilities open performance study, focusing on how procurement organizations are evolving their value propositions and also their capabilities to meet business needs and add greater value.

The study aims to provide an overall assessment of the procurement challenges and opportunities as well as best practices of top performing organizations.

The study specifically addresses issues such as the five major evolutionary stages of procurement value and top effectiveness and efficiency performance metrics in this area. It will also examine the specific procurement capabilities required for five core processes and seven enabling process areas, and where procurement capabilities will evolve to, not just the current capability sets.

Study participants will learn how their service mix compares with other businesses, and how their performance and capabilities compare to world-class and typical levels. The study will also help them determine which areas of their procurement organization offer the greatest potential value, and what common barriers can be reduced to accelerate time to value.

Study participants will receive customized research results and an exclusive invitation to a Webcast that will discuss key findings from the research.

For more information, or to register and participate in the study, procurement executives can visit the following URL: