E-Commerce Fulfillment-Focused WMS

Omni WMS enables mid-market organizations to fast-track fulfillment execution.

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Tecsys Inc. introduced the Omni WMS, an agile SaaS-native warehouse management system (WMS) designed to serve the evolving omnichannel market.

“The expectations of the digital consumer are fundamentally changing how supply chains need to operate, and this is in turn changing the technologies that warehouses need to have to keep pace,” explains Guy Courtin, VP of industry and advanced technology at Tecsys. “The dynamics of omnichannel and digital commerce, and the fulfillment flexibility needed to blaze through higher volumes of smaller orders, is a phenomenon already quite prevalent in much of Europe, so by optimizing our Omni WMS for the North American market, we’re introducing a mature warehouse management system that has proven it can handle every wrinkle of complexity headed our way.”

From Tecsys:

  • Omni WMS is configured for rapid implementation, speeding up the time to business value with enterprise-class WMS capabilities.
  • Omni WMS enables mid-market organizations to fast-track fulfillment execution to meet customer commitments, while laying the foundation for sustained warehouse productivity in the face of labor and economic volatility. The system is designed to automate processes, improve order accuracy, reduce operating costs and attain high levels of service.
  • Omni WMS offers highly intuitive task management to automate inventory management and optimize warehouse workflows.