5 Ways Cloud MES Improves Your Production Capabilities

Discover why manufacturers are implementing cloud-based MES solutions.


Cloud manufacturing execution system (MES) solutions connect your shop floor equipment to your business systems for global visibility across all your plants. Leading manufacturers are leveraging this technology to optimize performance by integrating production with their larger ecosystem of partners and suppliers to:

  • Serve their customers better
  • Incorporate the capabilities of digital smart assets
  • Adapt to the market by establishing high-value processes

These fully integrated manufacturing software-as-a-service (SaaS) platforms address manufacturers’ needs for execution, quality production insights, plant maintenance notifications and integration with an ERP.

Download the guide to review:

  • Production capabilities of a manufacturing cloud system
  • Common production challenges
  • How a cloud MES helps you overcome these potential roadblocks
  • A discrete manufacturing use case
  • Benefits of migrating to this Industry 4.0 solution