Announces Roll Out of New Process Automation Capabilities announced the roll out of process automation capabilities to help organizations improve operational efficiency and compliance.

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monsitj - announced the roll out of process automation capabilities to help organizations improve operational efficiency and compliance. Designed for businesses that rely on deskless workers for their daily operations, these newly-added advanced workflow features enable businesses to rapidly digitize and automate routine tasks and approvals, providing a seamless experience for frontline employees. 

Most organizations rely on manual, paper-based processes due to lack of tools that can onboard and communicate with frontline workers directly. helps non-desk teams improve productivity and stay connected wherever they are, on any device.

 Key features include:

●    Operationalize back-to-work processes and automate any repetitive or manual tasks with predictable and consistent outcomes.

●     Convert paper forms to digital forms (e.g. onboarding documents, work orders, invoices, etc.), easily capture information from any device, and assign colleagues or supervisors who need to approve them.

●     Real time visibility for operational leaders to track noncompliance and make data-driven decisions based on historical data.

●     Support for digital signatures, offline data and barcode scanners.

●     A drag-and-drop form editor, which allows employees to generate digital forms without writing any code, while a visual process designer helps design multi-step business processes.

“The recent coronavirus crisis has pushed process automation to the top of the priority list for most businesses,” said Praveen Kanyadi, Co-founder and VP of Product, “Organizations want to digitize their operations to respond quickly to any disruptions and enable employees to operate remotely if required. This is especially important for deskless workers, who are already dispersed from the rest of the company and make up about 80 percent of our workforce. This huge portion of the labor market has largely been ignored by enterprise communications players, and deskless workers are suffering for it as they juggle multiple tools at the expense of productivity. With the launch of our new process automation capabilities, deskless workers can stay connected to their employers and colleagues without sacrificing productivity in today’s increasingly digital world.”’s new features also enable businesses to improve their service-level agreement (SLA) process by automating their daily approvals, which often pass through various levels of an organizational hierarchy. Current customers, including Holiday Inn, Palm Holdings and IMCO Construction, stand to benefit significantly through’s enhanced capabilities.