Vision Engineering Invests in TechTraining With New Center

Vision Engineering is focusing on employee training through a new center for technology on the West Coast.

Vision Engineering's new tech center on the West Coast
Vision Engineering's new tech center on the West Coast
Vision Engineering

Vision Engineering, U.K. & U.S.  designers and manufacturers of high quality patented digital and optical visualization systems, opened a new technology collaboration and training facility in Irvine California, just south of Los Angeles.

The new Vision Engineering Tech Center enables Vision Engineering to bring leading edge technologies into the hands of potential tech collaborators and customers, and will also serve as a venue to support training & demonstration events, on and offline.

The new facility will function as a collaboration hub with business partners from a range of high tech organizations to develop leading edge products and sub-assemblies to serve new digital and optical system needs, for a range of emerging technology markets. 

The premises will provide 2,700ft² of collaborative and demonstration space, fully equipped with Vision Engineering’s latest immersive, optical and digital products and components, including the newly launched Deep Reality Viewer (DRV) microscope, ultra-high definition glasses-free 3D stereo viewing system. The Tech Center has full 5G to allow Vision Engineering to show the existing real time inter site communication capabilities, which are integral to its products

“We are excited to introduce this new collaborative tech space which will place us at the center of one of the most exciting technology hubs in the world," says Mark Curtis, managing director of Vision Engineering. "It will allow us to work closer with complementary companies to develop and expand new digital and optical technologies. As a Company, we are very active in the developing immersive VR/AR/MR space, specializing in projecting real-time information to Industry 4.0, IoT, 5G and are very keen to partner with like-minded tech companies on the vibrant West Coast."

Irvine is known as a technology hub and the facility is located in an area where long standing technology companies and an abundant number of startup companies within the immersive, geospatial, defense, medical device, electronics, aerospace and optics industries are situated. In addition to supporting local businesses, the facility will also support companies located in throughout Southern California, Northern California, Northern Mexico and neighboring states. Irvine is ideally located, being in close proximity to three airports and easily accessible from a number of major freeways.

“Our collaborative partners and customers need access to the latest technology and to our research capabilities, therefore, in addition to a showroom for our complete range of products we will provide customer and channel partner training as well as presenting educational sessions about hot tech topics," says Richard Nagel, vice president sales and marketing at Vision Engineering.

The center opening coincides with the rising success of the vibrant technology landscape in the United States which has had a profoundly positive impact on the US economy in recent years. The tech sector generated an estimated $1.8 trillion last year, and Silicon Valley on the west coast remains the most powerful and profitable technology hub in the world.