Quinyx, Concrete Work Together to Provide Comprehensive Support for Labor Planning

Quinyx and Concrete are partnering up to integrate each other's technology so that retailers have a more comprehensive tool for planning labor.

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Andrea Piacquadio from Pexels

Quinyx, a workforce management solutions provider, and Concrete, an employee engagement and task management platform, announced their partnership to integrate technologies. This new partnership will improve how retailers plan labor and source their brick and mortar stores.

With this integration, Quinyx and Concrete bring to market a new way for retailers to forecast and schedule their workforce with full insight into the operational tasks stores need to perform on a daily basis. This new partnership means that managers will have an overview of the skills available among their store teams, enabling key projects to be assigned and scheduled to the best team members possible.

“This integration is built from two best-of-breed solutions already used by hundreds of retail brands worldwide, ensuring customers are welcomed by ready, educated and informed staff across the entire store estate,” said Tristan Rogers, CEO of Concrete Platform. “By also recording performance data against your permanent and temporary staff, organizations can now identify the right skills for the right job, in the right place at the right time. This will highlight not only the best sales performers, but also the best operational performers in an objective way. We believe this partnership will be instrumental in dealing with one of the most expensive issues facing retail brands; staff churn.”

“At Quinyx, we strongly believe outstanding customer service and experience is key to the future success of brick and mortar retail. However, in order to provide the highest level of service, employees need to be scheduled based on skill set, not just availability.” said Erik Fjellborg, founder and CEO of Quinyx.“ If a company fails to achieve optimal staff scheduling by solely considering schedule availability and not skills and tasks that need to be performed, this could lead to over or under-stressed employees, low engagement and high churn. We are delighted to partner with Concrete Platform to further expand our mission of both helping businesses retain talent and provide an exceptional experience for retail industry professionals and shoppers alike.”